Three of many ways to "impres" that special someone

Alcohol has many wonderful effects on people and some of the most amusing, embarrassing and intriguing involve dating/sexual relations. The following are only three suggestions of ways to let alcohol ruin your dating life. There are many more–trust me. 1. On the afternoon before a first date, drink yourself into oblivion. Ask your date to… Continue reading Three of many ways to "impres" that special someone

Yet another tale from yet another drunkard

By Confession #3

An open bar and my birthday do not a good combination make. It was the end of summer. A national political Party was having their national convention in Edmonton, numerous factions were eager to trade alcohol and party favors for support, and party leaders had wisely booked multiple entertainment venues for conventioneers. Youth delegates from… Continue reading Yet another tale from yet another drunkard


By Confession #4

The night started innocently enough. I was heading to a “name that tune” night at a local bar to meet an old high school acquaintance–who is probably still with her boyfriend–and I’m with a reformed drug addict who is camping in a tent in my backyard (a long story that would be of a book… Continue reading Innocent?

Tequila no es bueno

By Confessional #5

This just in: Tequila is hazardous to your health. It may cause you to perform actions including, but not limited to: skinny-dipping, running away from various individuals of authority, enticing strange people to eat out of your cleavage, hopping into police cruisers with the intention of gaining a ride home, breaking into public pools, playing… Continue reading Tequila no es bueno