So you say you want a referendum?

Those of us around for the 1995 Quebec Referendum–which math serves to tell would be everybody in the university community except that eight-year-old whatever savant in that one class–will remember being glued to the television that night, awestruck by so many things: that one’s nation was cause for dissociation from them! That an issue could… Continue reading So you say you want a referendum?

Google: six attributes away from God

In July 2004, a relatively infamous billboard ad in California displayed, without any hint of explanation, simply “{first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e}.com.” For most, this doubtlessly didn’t mean anything worth thinking about, and correspondingly, thousands probably drove past, glanced sideways at it, and went on to contemplate the lamb chop dinner… Continue reading Google: six attributes away from God


The physical human being–the collection of physical and chemical microsystems comprising the human body¬≠–is an immensely complicated structure that we invariably benefit by studying. On one side of this innumerably-sided research-benefit coin lies the fulfillment of our curiosity about our existence in light of the particularly haunting truth that we need not necessarily fulfill it;… Continue reading Playing@nonsense