How Beatrice Came Clean

By Adam Goetz

A dirty little girl seeks out a “magical cleaning liquid” to rid herself of her unsightly soiled clothing and hopeless transient life. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? When in fact this short plays out like a Javex endorsement by mother goose. All that came to my mind after watching this was “what the fuck,” closely followed… Continue reading How Beatrice Came Clean

That Thing We Do

By Adam Goetz

A family reunion at a lakeside cottage is the backdrop for Kevin’s (Drew Roby) thoughtful contemplation over telling his parents that he is gay. Director Andrew Hull uses tranquil music and picturesque shots to personify his process of introspection while keeping a hint of apprehension. Although this was the longest short that I viewed, clocking… Continue reading That Thing We Do

Sweet Life

By Sarah Radomsky

This beautifully shot film depicts two gay men working together in the kitchen early in the morning. To chipper music, they each put ingredients into a large pot and set it in the oven. After returning from work, they pull the pot out, and an adorable child sits inside smiling. Documenting their undeniable ability to… Continue reading Sweet Life

Rick & Steve, Episode #4: Menage a Twat

By Karoline Czerski

What happens when one mixes Lego, eight minutes and soft-core gay porn? Naturally, the tale of a certain Steve, the versatile top, and another Rick, the insatiable bottom. ‘Tis the union of the happiest gay couple in the world–Lego style. Feeling an urge to diverge from the mundane oral sex routine, Rick and Steve set… Continue reading Rick & Steve, Episode #4: Menage a Twat

Investing in Calgary’s Pride

By Karoline Czerski

Artistic and gay communities in our fair city may have new reason for optimism. According to Richard Florida’s influential book, “The Rise of the Creative Class,” there are legitimate economic arguments for increased investment in the arts and gay communities of major centres. Florida, the Heinz professor of economic development at Carnegie Mellon University, describes… Continue reading Investing in Calgary’s Pride

Going it alone

By James Keller

It’s a familiar narrative. The social issues, with people around judging and defining. The family issues, with the denial, rejection and disappointment. The intimacy issues, trying to find and maintain a romantic relationship. The personal issues, the inner struggles and conflicts. Solo, the documentary directed by and following the life of Atif Siddiqi, a gay… Continue reading Going it alone

The Moment After

By Sarah Radomsky

This film documents the struggle for acceptance and self-worth between the gay community and the outside world. Gabriel shows his lover Tracy “all the possibilities,” weaving ominous flashes from past birthdays up to his current birthday party. From wearing his mother’s lipstick to his first sexual encounter, this stimulating film ends with a graphic shot… Continue reading The Moment After

Bar Talk

By Sarah Radomsky

Set in a smoky bar complete with neon lights, Bar Talk is a miniature version of Blind Date. Panning around the room capturing gestures, eye contact and body language the camera encounters an attractive brunette. Without using words, she strolls to the bar and picks up another girl. The scene is played again, this time… Continue reading Bar Talk

A Bit of You

By Вen Li

A young woman reconsiders her ambiguous relationship with her best friend and neighbor when an old flame threatens to move back into town. Jennifer Markowitz’s A Bit of You could have done well with a bit more content and insight into relationship management or the human experience. The straightforward story includes some subtle (or distracting)… Continue reading A Bit of You