Lettter: On the Origin of BSD

By Maurice Yacowar

[Story originally published in 2005] Bermuda Shorts Day began in 1961, when The University of Alberta, Calgary branch, was still on the sait campus. Freshman and Gauntlet Editor-in-Chief of the following publishing year Alan Arthur, who had just bought his first pair of gaudy Bermuda Shorts, wanted to celebrate spring. So he wrote on the… Continue reading Lettter: On the Origin of BSD

Letter: GuZoo should be closed

By Motomasa Mori

It is obvious that Remi Watts [“Feces? Gross,” Mar. 31] is making a lot of assumptions and even what I consider prejudicial statements about “average city dwellers” who “cannot see beyond their cul-de-sac.” First, the “Shut down GuZoo in Three Hills Alberta” Facebook group was started by Concerned Albertans for Animal Welfare and Public Safety… Continue reading Letter: GuZoo should be closed

Letter: Dismiss Tom Flanagan

Editor, the Gauntlet, Dear University of Calgary President Elizabeth Cannon, Earlier this week, a University of Calgary professor appeared on CBC television’s “Power and Politics with Evan Solomon” and used his precious airtime on our publicly funded national broadcaster to openly advocate outright political assassination (or as some prefer to call it, first degree murder).… Continue reading Letter: Dismiss Tom Flanagan

Letter: A challenge to debate

Editor, the Gauntlet, By now, professor Flanagan’s comments on the CBC have achieved infamy and offended citizens across this country. More importantly, they have sullied the name of our university. Flanagan’s joke or call [about] Julian Assange was serious. As he will soon discover, it is a criminal offence to incite violence. The morality of… Continue reading Letter: A challenge to debate

Online Exclusive: Letter: The limits of free speech

Editor, the Gauntlet, As a Canadian, I am thankful for the rights and freedoms enshrined in our constitution, including freedom of speech. Many countries, governments and private or semi-public institutions engage in tactics aimed at curtailing the rights and freedoms of others. Along with those rights come responsibilities and limits that come out of consideration… Continue reading Online Exclusive: Letter: The limits of free speech

Letter: The Ukrainian genocide

By Roman Storoshchuk

Dear Editor, Seventy-seven years have passed since Joseph Stalin’s Soviet regime ravaged the Ukrainian nation with an intentional famine, the Holodomor, in 1932-33. The Holodomor (which means “death by famine” in Ukrainian) was engineered by the Soviet regime to quell the rise of Ukrainian nationalism and tighten its control of Eastern Europe during this crucial… Continue reading Letter: The Ukrainian genocide

Letter: That Empty Space is Struggling

By Andrea Llewellyn

1) That Empty Space now has one event per month as opposed to previous weekly events, removing a popular community space. 2) There are no longer comfy couches, changing the organic, natural, community space that was previously welcoming for everyone at the events. 3) That Empty Space used to support local, Calgary music. Bigger acts… Continue reading Letter: That Empty Space is Struggling

Letter: Troubles with new, new atheism

By HJ Hornbeck

Brandon Beasley’s column on “The poverty of New Atheism” [Sept. 30] slammed us for not coming up with a “viable, fulfilling worldview.” Of course we haven’t! Atheism just means you do not believe in a god or gods. Period, end of sentence. Secular Humanists, devout Jains and even some Hindus can all call themselves atheist.… Continue reading Letter: Troubles with new, new atheism