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CJSW station manager resigns

By Andréa Rojas

Chad Saunders will be ending his 11-year run as CJSW’s station manager by the middle of February. Since his hire in November 2000, Saunders has overseen such major station projects as the move from the basement of MacHall to its third-floor location and the commissioning of a higher-wattage radio tower, along with controlling day-to-day station… Continue reading CJSW station manager resigns

Letter: Radio censorship

By Chad Saunders

Andrew Varsanyi’s article [“Education must replace the censorship of music,” Jan. 20] about the recent Dire Straits ruling leaves out key facts that would have helped readers better understand the ramifications of this decision. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council is not a government agency — it is an independent organization set up by private broadcasting… Continue reading Letter: Radio censorship

CJSW moving, for real this time

By Jeremy Zhao

After many announcements made over the past two decades, CJSW is finally moving and beginning a new chapter in its history. The campus/community radio station will be broadcasting from the third floor of the MacEwan Student Centre starting Friday. Station manager Chad Saunders has been extremely busy the past few weeks trying to get everything… Continue reading CJSW moving, for real this time

Slurpee Cup rolls on without SU funding

By Katy Anderson

In the absence of funding for a Slurpee Cup BBQ, Calgary Flames legend HÃ¥kan Loob — the namesake of the twelfth installment of the street hockey tournament — may, or may not, be dolling out Swedish meatballs to sweaty participants, said CJSW station manager Chad Saunders. The University of Calgary Students’ Union opted not to… Continue reading Slurpee Cup rolls on without SU funding

CJSW faces changing tides

By Jordyn Marcellus

Water flooded into the campus radio station CJSW offices and their on-air booth Dec. 17. Station manager Chad Saunders, no stranger to the flooding of CJSW’s offices, immediately began an effort to shore up the booth from the rising tide. “Water poured into six different places,” explained Saunders. “It came in two spots around the… Continue reading CJSW faces changing tides

CJSW takes another baby step towards new crib

By Jordyn Marcellus

It’s only a small step forward, but it’s still a step in the right direction. University of Calgary campus radio station CJSW was given the green light from vice-provost students Ann Tierney and the university to go to tender, meaning their new space may be built within the decade. Station manager Chad Saunders explained what… Continue reading CJSW takes another baby step towards new crib

CJSW (music adjective) funding goal

By Chris Albinati

The love poured in from all over the globe last week as CJSW’s funding drive crushed its goal of $225,000. Pledges came in Germany, Norway and Scotland and a few pledges even travelled from as far away as Japan. CJSW station manager Chad Saunders called this year’s funding drive “mind-blowing” and “a great success.” While… Continue reading CJSW (music adjective) funding goal