Report card: Men’s Soccer

By Tanya DeLyzer and Amanda VanSteelandt

Talent Short answer: the talent is raw. With a plethora of rookies suiting up this season, the Dinos had many guys who could do a lot with the ball–just not at this level quite yet. Flashes of brilliance from youngsters like keeper Rick Urbanczyk and co-captain Adam MacDonald, among others, offer promise for the future,… Continue reading Report card: Men’s Soccer

Shafted: Dinos dish it and take it

By Kris Kotarski

Mark my words; the Dinos men’s soccer season will be as wacky as Michael Jackson’s monkey on three teaspoons of LSD. “When you start four or five rookies a game you’re in for an interesting time,” reflected Head Coach Andy Gibbs after his troops opened the season with an inspired 2-0 result, followed by a… Continue reading Shafted: Dinos dish it and take it