Board approves 4. 8 per cent tuition increase

By James Keller

The University of Calgary Board of Governors approved a 4.8 per cent tuition increase Fri., Dec. 5 meaning students will pay $8.4 million more in tuition next year.Both student presentations, by Students’ Union President Jayna Gilchrist and Graduate Students’ Association President Jeff LaFrenz, urged the board to reject the increase and instead send a message… Continue reading Board approves 4. 8 per cent tuition increase

Senior administration visits SLC

By James Keller

With just over two weeks until impending tuition increases, University of Calgary President Dr. Harvey Weingarten and Vice-President Academic Dr. Ron Bond spoke to student officials, and engaged in a question and answer session. Dr. Weingarten and Dr. Bond spoke at the Tue., Nov. 18 Students’ Legislative Council meeting. Dr. Weingarten waited to answer specific… Continue reading Senior administration visits SLC

Tuition up 4.8 per cent

By Natalie Sit

The University of Calgary has recommended a near-maximum increase for tuition, however some money will be used for student-directed quality initiatives.If approved at the Fri., Dec. 5 Board of Governors meeting, tuition will rise 4.8 per cent for both graduate and undergraduate students. For undergrads, this means an increase of $21 per half-course.Students’ Union President… Continue reading Tuition up 4.8 per cent

Differential tuition and loans

By Sally Jade Powis

With tuition fees rising, there is a great deal of financial stress placed on University of Calgary students. Particularly those in the MBA, law and medicine programs charging differential tuition fees. According to Alberta Learning’s Tuition Fees Policy, institutions are permitted to charge variable fees to match program costs and program demand. As a result… Continue reading Differential tuition and loans

StatsCan: Tuition up 7.4 per cent

By Natalie Sit

Student groups are worried about a new Statistics Canada report which states undergraduate university students will pay 7.4 per cent more in tuition this year, the biggest increase in four years.The report found British Columbia had the highest increase from 2002/03 to 2003/04 at 30.4 per cent. Newfoundland and Labrador posted the smallest increase at… Continue reading StatsCan: Tuition up 7.4 per cent

SU seeks tuition guidance from students

By Вen Li

The Students’ Union is building a policy on what tuition should pay for, in light of growing concerns about tuition increases. "We really don’t have a policy saying what tuition should and should not pay for," said SU Vice-President Operations and Finance Gavin Preston. "Some would argue that it should only pay for access to… Continue reading SU seeks tuition guidance from students

New scholarships for students

By Вen Li

The General Faculties Council is expected to approve 12 new undergraduate academic awards, and 14 new graduate awards at their Thu., May 15 meeting. Values for the undergraduate scholarships range from $200 to a full year’s tuition, while graduate scholarships range in value from $300 to $6,000. Proposed new scholarships for which undergraduates must apply… Continue reading New scholarships for students

Differential tuition approved


The University of Calgary’s Board of Governors approved both differential tuition and a 6.3 percent general tuition increase today despite the best efforts of student leaders. A full year’s undergraduate tuition next year will rise by $260 from $4,120 to $4,380. Differential fees for law and MBA programs will be $2,500 for the 2003-2004 school… Continue reading Differential tuition approved