Differential tuition plebiscite

By Вen Li

Students may get to voice their views about differential tuition in 2003 if a proposed plebiscite question to that effect is approved by the Students’ Legislative Council. Students’ Union Vice-President Academic Rosie Nagra brought the discussion item to Students’ Academic Assembly and SLC meetings on Mon., Dec. 2 and Tue., Dec. 3, respectively.“By coordinating with… Continue reading Differential tuition plebiscite

Alumni vs. student debate

By Kelly Benedict

The tenth annual Alumni vs. Student debate took place last Thu., Nov 14. Differential tuition was the topic this year.Moderator Aaron Szott began the debate by introducing the speakers and laying the ground rules. Trevor Lynn and Byron Nelson represented the alumni, while Erin Weir and Michael James were the voice of the students. Decided… Continue reading Alumni vs. student debate

Differential tuition at U of A

By Вen Li

Students and politicians in Edmonton oppose a proposed 6.4 per cent tuition increase for next year at the University of Alberta. Tuition for arts and science programs is expected to increase by $258 to $4,290.U of A Vice-President Academic Dr. Doug Owram announced the increase on Thu., Nov. 8. Students entering medicine, law and business… Continue reading Differential tuition at U of A

Differential tuition

By Barb Wright

It seems that it is only a matter of time before tuition differentiation will start at the University of Calgary.“It’s hitting Canada like a wave,” said Students’ Union Vice-President External Nick Vuckovic. “Administrations are looking at it, but students need to mobilize to stop this trend.”Students in Ontario universities–where differential tuition is in place–pay different… Continue reading Differential tuition

Different tuition for different folks

By Andrea Bundon

Rough financial times could lead to drastic fee changes as early as Fall 2003 for University of Calgary students.At the Nov. 30 Board of Governors meeting, U of C Vice-President Keith Winter indicated that discussions were held regarding the implementation of differential tuition as early as Fall 2002. The discussions did not convert to action,… Continue reading Different tuition for different folks