Silence threatens to overtake explosions

By Darby Sawchuk

For weeks now, you have been watching missiles burst in Technicolor hues over an unfamiliar country while thousands of unfamiliar faces flee from violence. Hopefully, if you are not yet desensitized, you are abhorred.If you are not personally willing to go to Yugoslavia and kill a group of people you have never met, then you… Continue reading Silence threatens to overtake explosions

Buy this

By Phil Vorvis

As I was walking through MacEwan Hall, I was approached by someone dressed completely in black. She gave me a piece of paper marked with the familiar eyeball embedded in a pyramid that appears on the back of the American one-dollar bill. This had a vague meaning to me.Nov. 27 was dedicated to curbing consumer… Continue reading Buy this

MAI okay?

By Julie Boulton

Wednesday,Nov. 18: the International Day of Action against the Multilateral Agreement on Investment. How many of you knew? How many of you cared?The Council of Canadians, a leading public action organization against the MAI, defines the MAI as an agreement, which provides for “…the movement of money across international borders by imposing a new set… Continue reading MAI okay?

More than a ribbon

By Melanie McNaughton

On Dec. 6, 1989 Marc Lepine stalked the halls of L’Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal muttering sexist epithets. He murdered 14 women that day because he felt that they were taking away places that rightfully belonged to men. Recently, I heard these events referred to as the actions of “one idiot with a gun.” In our… Continue reading More than a ribbon

A personal matter

By Mary Chan

A funny thing happened when I started to fill out my pretty new maroon Teaching Evaluation form. I had to give my id number.Granted, the information blurb at the top of the new Universal Student Ratings of Instruction Instrument states that “You are asked to provide your id number so that the university can access… Continue reading A personal matter

What’s a little Pepsi spray gonna do?

By Mark Pickup

It was like any other day at the university. The students were herded into class. The professors were underpaid. The library was under-funded. The labs continued to crumble and the Parking Gestapo continued to toot around in brand new, high-priced vehicles. The normality was almost stifling. Except on this day there was a stir in… Continue reading What’s a little Pepsi spray gonna do?

Chosen to make the tough calls

By Collin Gallant

Unlike most sane people, I spent Sunday afternoon watching the first Progressive Conservative Leadership Debate. Please keep reading. I promise it won’t be stale analysis.If you didn’t see the debate (and you most likely did not), you didn’t miss much. As in many leadership debates, most candidates toed the party line and let phrasing draw… Continue reading Chosen to make the tough calls