Women’s Basketball

Talent Shortly after being named CIS Female Athlete of the Week, Jessica Foltinek tore her ACL. To make things worse, the third highest scorer in Canada West, Tanya Hautala, injured her ankle during the run for a spot at nationals. Lindsay Maundrell was another key player for the Dinos, representing on Canada West’s scoring and… Continue reading Women’s Basketball

Close, but no cigar

A split weekend versus the University of Saskatchewan Huskies Feb. 13-14 left the University of Calgary women’s basketball team in the soundly in the final playoff spot in the highly competitive Canada West conference. Unfortunately though, the Dinos play-offed themselves into the lair of Canada’s top ranked team, the University of Regina Cougars, Feb. 21-22.… Continue reading Close, but no cigar

Women’s basketball

The University of Calgary women’s basketball team saw some sad slaughter and some sweet success in Saskatchewan on Saturday and Sunday. They broke a four-game losing streak this weekend, bringing them to 7-9 on the season. The Dinos met the University of Regina Cougars Sat., Jan. 31. Lindsay Maundrell and her tall socks dominated for… Continue reading Women’s basketball

Women vivisect Vikes

History was rewritten this weekend when Poland fended off the Soviet Union but fell to Germany. Or, to clarify things, the University of Calgary women’s basketball Dinos took out one superpower, namely the third-ranked University of Victoria Vikes, only to be vanquished the following night by another, the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds, ranked #1… Continue reading Women vivisect Vikes

Dinos hurt by injury

Having just lost star player Jessica Foltinek, the University of Calgary women’s basketball team struggled against an up-and-coming University of Saskatchewan Huskies team Jan. 9-10 in Saskatoon. The Husky women overwhelmed the Dinos with their, uh, size. "We struggled," commented Head Coach Shawnee Harle on the lackluster performance. "We need to learn to compete harder… Continue reading Dinos hurt by injury

Split streak over

Like a dream come true, the University of Calgary women’s basketball team took down two of the top ranked teams in the country this past weekend. The University of Winnipeg Wesmen–Wespeople for those so PC-inclined–fell hard Fri., Nov. 28, 82-77, while the Bisons from Manitoba were slaughtered the next night as if the match up… Continue reading Split streak over

Battle of Alberta settles nothing

For those unaware of the Dinos-Golden Bears rivalry, it was perhaps the most significant aspect of the 2002-03 season. The University of Calgary’s final playoff game ended in a bitterly close defeat at the hands of the Bears, one many eye-witnesses said was unfairly officiated. This year, the Dinos are determined to prove themselves worthy… Continue reading Battle of Alberta settles nothing