Here’s Horror!

By Sarah Radomsky

After years of straight-to-video B-films, horror cinema has finally recovered the attention of audiences and re-emerged in mainstream theatre. However, Hollywood capitalists are using the genre to swamp local theatres with repetitive visuals and mediocre all-American story lines. But this is your week to dodge the pointy knife of that big shiny theatre and experience… Continue reading Here’s Horror!

Dream Machine beats the establishment, man

By Jeff Kubik

Open your minds kids and kittens because straight from the Beat generation to the Big Secret Theatre, it’s Dream Machine, a musical experience from One Yellow Rabbit. If you’re not up with what I’m laying down, then it’s time to pay a visit to a theatre company for those with tastes that the Establishment just… Continue reading Dream Machine beats the establishment, man

Worldwide protests express outrage at U.S. government

By Meraj Abedin

“Hell no, we won’t go!” Millions of protesters from every walk of life took to the streets of cities worldwide marching in a co-ordinated day of demonstrations expressing outrage at the U.S. government and the war in Iraq-a war that hasn’t begun yet.While George W. Bush has been incapable of uniting nations to march on… Continue reading Worldwide protests express outrage at U.S. government

Chorus of Dissent

By Stephane Massinon

What comes to mind when the word “activist” is spoken? Often, it’s likely to be thoughts of radical hippies, violent anarchists, and left-wing dreamers…Calgarians have long adopted this negative stereotype as their view of those who fight for social justice. However, the activist community in Calgary may not be quite what you think it is.… Continue reading Chorus of Dissent

New medical building

By Вen Li

The University of Calgary announced on Tue., Feb. 25 plans to build the O’Brien Centre for the Bachelor of Health Sciences Program. Thanks to a $5 million donation by David and Gail O’Brien, 75 undergraduate students per year will be able to studies the areas of Biomedical Sciences, Bioinformatics, or Health and Society."We believe that… Continue reading New medical building

Sam Roberts Show

By Gary Milner

Photos from the Sam Roberts show in the old MacEwan Hall Ballroom. Enjoy them, but be careful they are very large.

Federal budget 2003

By Вen Li

Academics concerned with post-secondary education in Canada were pleased with $2 billion promised for research and innovation in the federal budget, released on Tue., Feb. 18. Students in particular will appreciate the $225 million investment in “skills and learning.”“Investing in post-secondary education is one of the most critical and important investments the federal government can… Continue reading Federal budget 2003

As tuition rises, does quality go up?

By James Keller

What are you buying when you pay your tuition? Instruction? A quality education? Unfettered access to experts? According to Associate Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Dr. Michael Collins, we are paying for the latter and nothing more. After a number of student complaints, Collins sent out an e-mail to students in the faculty addressing… Continue reading As tuition rises, does quality go up?