Inherent need for superiority fuels reality TV

By Mary Chan

Poor Reality TV. Sure, you’re popular, but it seems like no one has anything good to say about you. When people confess to watching you, they use a hushed tone as if divulging a shameful secret. You have been accused of being stupid, dumb and cheesy, pandering to the lowest common denominator, and setting feminism… Continue reading Inherent need for superiority fuels reality TV

Funny thing about

By Вen Li

Five million dollars. Three hundred students. One new building. The O’Brien Centre for the Bachelor of Health Sciences Program–yes that is the name of the building–promises to bring together leading students and researchers for a multidisciplinary, problem-solving, group-learning experience. This is a noble goal made possible by a noble gift from the O’Briens during a… Continue reading Funny thing about

The first step

By Gareth Williams

For many students coffee is a necessity. It gets us going for those eight o’clock lectures and keeps us awake for those late night study sessions. However, the next time you buy a cup of coffee, take a moment to think about the people whose lives really do rely on coffee.Seasonal coffee bean harvesters in… Continue reading The first step

Students vote down Health and Dental Plan fee increase

By Вen Li

By a 30 vote margin, students chose not to pay an additional $7.50 per session for insurance coverage under the Students’ Union Health and Dental plan.“There’s a chance it might end in August,” said SU Vice-President Operations Robbie White. “Students have said ‘no’ twice [to an increase]. It may not be appropriate to ask for… Continue reading Students vote down Health and Dental Plan fee increase

New library code of conduct

By Вen Li

Surfing for porn will still be inappropriate under the library’s new code of conduct.The Library Committee of the General Faculties Council approved the document on Feb. 11, and the Students’ Academic Assembly voted in favor of it on Mon., Feb. 24.“It’s a conglomeration of existing rules,” said student representative Chris Blaschuk. “It sets up expectations… Continue reading New library code of conduct

Military conference a success

By Patrick Boyle

It’s not very often that undergraduates get to “sit at the adult table” to present their work alongside their professors. Typically, academic conferences are strictly reserved either for undergraduates, or for those with letters after their names. The War and Security Conference, held annually by the student-run University of Calgary Society for Strategic and Military… Continue reading Military conference a success

The right man

By Dale Miller

Former White House insider, David Frum spoke at the University of Calgary about his experiences with U.S. President Bush and his new insider expose, The Right Man: The Surprise Presidency of George W. Bush, on Mon., Feb. 14. Frum unexpectedly became Special Assistant to the President for Economic Speech Writing in January 2001. “I was… Continue reading The right man

Gods and Generals

By Andrew Ross

In case the rest of this review is in any way ambiguous, I wish to make it clear that this film should be avoided if at all possible. Of all the things that can be said of Gods and Generals, the most important is that you can never get those four hours back.This Ted Turner… Continue reading Gods and Generals