Another band bites the dust

After six years, four drummers and a “moderate” output, local one disc wonder-kids Ray-o-Vaq have decided to play one last show with their pals The Long Run and Hot Little Rocket Sat. Feb. 28 at Liberty Lounge before going their separate ways. The show will no doubt be a reunion of sorts, with many familiar… Continue reading Another band bites the dust

The Cooper Temple Clause

In order to convey the magnitude of what I’m about to say, let me give you some context. I have been reviewing albums for four years now. While I estimate I have reviewed around 50 CDS in that time, I have given no more than a handful of reviews that were even a little bit… Continue reading The Cooper Temple Clause


Breaking this album/video game/monstrosity into its constituent parts seemed to be the only way to adequately review it. Who needs style anyway? Production: Oh dear God! Now, I’m in no way opposed to the DIY ethic, but this is ridiculous. It honestly sounds like four guys with instruments were dinking around in front of a… Continue reading Tetrix


P:ano’s When It’s Dark and It’s Summer was a promising collection of chamber pop that sounded far too mature for a debut. The Den, the second album from the Vancouver quartet, is similarly baffling. This is not the sound of a band discovering itself, this is a band with a firm vision that knows how… Continue reading P:ano

Sweatshop Union

Sweatshop Union is back and headed up in a big way. Natural Progression is solid from start to finish, delivering a laid back hip hop experience that transcends the pitfalls of modern urban music. Sweatshop Union (Kyprios, Dirty Circus, Creative Minds and Innocent Bystanders) are four independent units who came together, combining a distinct anti-establishment… Continue reading Sweatshop Union


It looked like another mindless, uninspired cash-grab–er, gangsta rap album–and the first few tracks, “Feel my Pain,” “Bang Bang Boom” and “Respect my Gangsta,” only served to confirm that impression. By the time I got to the halfway track, “I’m A Ryder,” I was already starting to figure out another way to say “this is… Continue reading Drag-On

The Special Goodness

Dear record-buying public,We’d love it if you bought our album. We know there are a lot of choices out there right now, but ours is the best one. Its chock full of guitars and drums, but we try not to play them too hard. We wouldn’t want to get you riled up and angry, we… Continue reading The Special Goodness


Three years ago my most cherished albums were by bands like Pulley, Millencollin, Goldfinger and Strung Out. Those glorious soundtracks to teenage discontent are presently gathering dust; they’re nothing more than relics from the past. Three years ago, a cross between Pennywise and early No Use for a Name would have seemed like the next… Continue reading 1208


So this band, they sound kind of like the Beta Band because they mix nice acoustic guitars with pretty wicked basslines and sound like they’re probably on some kind of drugs. But then they also sound a little like the Postal Service because of the glitchy electronic sounds they like to mix into the background.… Continue reading Panurge

More Campus Security happenings

While January is a quiet month for Campus Security, there were still some need for the men and women in blue. A major power outage on a Friday evening required the evacuation of MacEwan Hall, including the Den. “Most people were cooperative except for one individual,” explained Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. This highly intoxicated… Continue reading More Campus Security happenings