President – Michael Soron

It is always a delight to see an individual so passionate about their school and their education. In the case of Students’ Union Presidential candidate Mike Soron, however, it’s unfortunate that passion isn’t tempered with a better understanding of the position he seeks. Soron is one of the best communicators in any executive race, speaking… Continue reading President – Michael Soron

President – Andrew Simon

There’s an age-old political adage which states “we elect our betters, not our equals.” While politicians like Ralph Klein are exceptions to this rule, Andrew Simon is the reason the phrase was coined. Simon has spent the past year critically examining the actions of the current Students’ Union while extensively researching other student associations worldwide.… Continue reading President – Andrew Simon

President – Christopher Ng

Ambition and idealism should never obscure reason. Case in fact: Christopher Ng. A relatively inexperienced and inactive member of this year’s academic commission, Ng blames his lack of productivity primarily on current Vice-President Academic Demetrios Nicolaides, saying he “doesn’t give me anything to do.” His solution? Running for president. The inherent problem in that logic… Continue reading President – Christopher Ng

President – Sonia Bloomer

It’s like the little engine that could, except it’s not likely Sonja Bloomer can. That’s not intended as a slight in any way to her dedication, motivation or passion, but as an honest assessment of the fact Bloomer doesn’t understand the scope, nature or responsibility of the position she seeks. Like many frustrated students who… Continue reading President – Sonia Bloomer

Senate – Brett Pearce

Pearce also only seemingly investigated who the senate is and what the senate does to the extent of looking at the senate webpage. This clear lack of caring shows he is in this race since he saw no one else running initially. He will most likely simply take his free parking pass and go to… Continue reading Senate – Brett Pearce