VP Op-Fi – Jarrod Fuhr

“Monies and finances, oh joy! Being an Op-Fi commissioner, I sat on the budget committee this past year, so I have a pretty good understanding of the SU budget currently. Also, working for the YMCA [as] a day camp coordinator, working with limited funds and human resources.”‘In a field with several electable candidates, Jarrod Fuhr… Continue reading VP Op-Fi – Jarrod Fuhr

VP Op-Fi – Greg Clayton

Greg Clayton would be a very good choice for VP Op-Fi, with practical managerial experience and education under his belt. As a current finance major, Clayton could easily enhance and implement many of the operational directions advanced by the Op-Fi portfolio this year. As a current Events Commissioner, Clayton has acquired experience with both the… Continue reading VP Op-Fi – Greg Clayton

VP Op-Fi – Angus Campbell

As the strongest outside candidate, Angus Campbell has some interesting and viable visions for the VP Op-Fi portfolio, but none which are distinctly his own. Though he lacks the particular SU experience of the inside candidates, his experience with business operations and his desire to further transform the SU work to his advantage. Campbell is… Continue reading VP Op-Fi – Angus Campbell

VP Events – Spencer Brown

It is unfortunate Brown is not running for Events Commissioner, a position he would be much better suited to. He lacks a succinct platform vision of his own, and appears to be an odd addition to the Action Party, who have a minor concern about events. If Brown gets elected, one thing is guaranteed: we… Continue reading VP Events – Spencer Brown

VP Events – Alex Vyskocil

Vyskocil is easily the best candidate for VP Events. He is knowledgeable from his service in the events commission, enthusiastic about the job, has a good blend of visions for the SU, and has ideas to implement these visions. Vyskocil has been a key component of current VP Events Richard “Krafty” Bergen’s commission, at times… Continue reading VP Events – Alex Vyskocil

VP Op-Fi – Jason Brown

With so many other good candidates for the post of VP Op-Fi, it would be easy to overlook the inexperienced Jason Brown, and that is exactly what voters should do. Brown believes that “apathy control” spending should be reduced, that the SU should add a grocery store, a gas station and a liquor store, and… Continue reading VP Op-Fi – Jason Brown

VP External – Mike Bosch

Mike Bosch told us he was afforded the opportunity to run as Barski’s Cabinet’s external candidate because of his ideas. Unfortunately, his actual ideas are either poorly thought out or potentially ineffective, and he has virtually no experience relevant to the job. Like the other candidates, Bosch easily recognizes there are problems with university funding… Continue reading VP External – Mike Bosch

VP External – Jim Bailey

Jim Bailey, the closest thing to a Students’ Union veteran in this race with three years in either the Student Legislative Council or Student Academic Assembly, certainly has potential. Bailey has witnessed two different attitudes toward tuition as an elected official and, like other candidates, wants to see both in an inclusive approach. Bailey pushed… Continue reading VP External – Jim Bailey

VP External – Kevin Maloney

Kevin Maloney, with Students’ Union experience, a firm understanding of the position, a clean grasp of the issues and a modicum of ideas, would indeed make a good Vice-President External. Maloney aptly recognized the successes and failures of VPs past, singling out Nick Vukovic’s involvement with students and pointing to Lauren Batuik’s skill in the… Continue reading VP External – Kevin Maloney

President – Bryan West

While he may not like to hear it, Bryan West is the candidate of the old guard. Running primarily on a platform of minor readjustments and fine tuning, West is starkly contrasted by a number of other candidates running on radical platforms seeking to overhaul the Students’ Union. That said, West’s understanding of both the… Continue reading President – Bryan West