By Garth Paulson

Sometime around late 1999 or early 2000, I managed to acquire what at the time seemed like the greatest thing in the world. It was grade 10 and I had a toonie. Keeping in mind people will do things for money, I propositioned a friend to burn me Pulley’s self-titled release. When I got the… Continue reading Pulley

Racism meets indomitable rock

By Peter Hemminger

The benefit concert is a tricky beast. If you focus too much on the concert aspect, people will lose sight of the message and succumb instead to pure entertainment. If you focus too much on the message, people will get bored. It’s a fact. Most people have short attention spans and little patience for preaching.… Continue reading Racism meets indomitable rock

Despite diva death, Dogma director disappoints

By Chris Tait

I can predict the future, I see the things that are to come. Be warned, for the future is a barren land full of misery and doubt. Here is the first sign, marked by the collective sigh of millions of nerds and movie obscurists across North America. It will resonate this Friday and evil will… Continue reading Despite diva death, Dogma director disappoints

Buck 65

By Falice Chin

It’s been half a year since Canada’s own Buck 65 started being spotted in bits and pieces across North American and international media as his album Talkin’ Honkin’ Blues was well-received by critics and listeners alike. While the record didn’t end up reaching platinum sales or winning wide recognition from mainstream culture, Buck 65 has… Continue reading Buck 65

Puppetry asks:

By James Keller

In Provenance, puppeteer Ronnie Burkett is faced with a complex task. Not only does he have to create an interesting story and believable characters, both through a powerful script and talented acting, but he has to do so through inanimate objects. Given the subject matter, this is no easy task.Provenance follows Pity Beane, a young… Continue reading Puppetry asks:

Urban addiction

By Jeff Kubik

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is a despondent place, with one of the highest per capita crime rates in the world and a staggering community of addiction. For filmmaker Nettie Wild, seeing this decayed place firsthand was a horrifying, surreal experience. "It wasn’t just seeing one or two people shooting up," she recalls. "It was as many… Continue reading Urban addiction

Challenging gender stereotypes through dance

By James Keller

Made in Polska inadvertently examines the interaction of Polish contemporary dance with its Canadian counterpart, while engaging in a very deliberate discussion about gender in dance. Choreographed by Polish dancer Wojciech Mochniej, Dancers’ Studio West’s newest production seeks to bring Polish dance to Canadian audiences. According to Mochniej, who has taught at the University of… Continue reading Challenging gender stereotypes through dance

Mob Hit Productions answers with The Ugly Man

By Jael Wong

Looking to indulge your lust for the dark and twisted? Mob Hit Productions has just the thing to whet your carnal appetite. From Wed., Mar. 31 through Sat., Apr. 10, the company will present The Ugly Man, a tale of sex, lust and revenge by Alberta playwright Brad Fraser.The play puts a modern spin on… Continue reading Mob Hit Productions answers with The Ugly Man

Missed by that much

By Esther E. Steeves

The Dinos men’s basketball team played their first game of the Canadian Interuniversity Sport Men’s Basketball Championship, or the Final 10, in Halifax, Nova Scotia against the McMaster University Marauders Fri., Mar. 19. Winning 74-66 was a great start, leaving the team optimistic about their semi-final matchup against the tournament favourite, the top-ranked Carleton University… Continue reading Missed by that much

Professor Hadley to run a marathon

By Dale Miller

Don’t let Professor Margaret Hadley’s small stature and unassuming personality fool you. Juxtaposed with her academic proficiency and love of teaching is a dirty little marathon habit. Those of you who know Margaret as an English professor might be surprised to learn of her 17-year long addiction to marathons–her appearance is not that of your… Continue reading Professor Hadley to run a marathon