Human Remains not so shocking

Things seem really great the first time around. They’re really fresh and fabulous, and then later on…not so good. That seems to be the case with FireBelly’s new production, Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love. When the play was initially done in 1989, it was shocking and risqué, stirring the shit up.… Continue reading Human Remains not so shocking

Roughnecks ready

Who can forget the run last season? The drama, the action, the excitement. No, I’m not talking about the Flames’ miracle run last year, but the team that actually brought home the proverbial bacon, the Roughnecks. In winning the National Lacrosse League Champion’s Cup in front of 19,000 fans at the Pengrowth Saddledome, they became… Continue reading Roughnecks ready

Dinos ladies feelin’ Pronghorny

As our powerhouse women’s basketball team went into combat mode at home Fri., Nov. 19, they must have been thinking one thing: We are playing the unranked University of Lethbridge Pronghorns. “We learned a hard lesson,” Associate Coach Claire Mitton confided, “but fortunately we learned it quickly.” It’s a lesson some of us learn the… Continue reading Dinos ladies feelin’ Pronghorny

Volleysaurs in early season struggle

“We’re just trying to get W’s,” said Glen Handley at the outset of the season. Unfortunately, those wins have proven more elusive than the men’s volleyball team had anticipated. This past weekend was to mark the Dinos’ return to form following two disappointing matches against the University of Alberta Pandas Nov. 12-13, but the team’s… Continue reading Volleysaurs in early season struggle

Hockeysaurs sore after pair of losses [U of C Edition]

After a devastating blow to their ego, the Dinos women’s hockey team set out to redeem themselves Sat., Nov. 20 against the NAIT Ooks. While the Dinos again let in six goals, at least this time they scored a few of their own. “We’re still in early season form,” excused Head Coach Julie Healy. “I… Continue reading Hockeysaurs sore after pair of losses [U of C Edition]

Hockeysaurs sore after pair of losses [Red Deer Edition]

Disclaimer: No interviews were conducted, all statements are fictional and in no way reflect Red Deer’s opinions. Or do they… Our Red Deer College Queens travelled south Nov. 19 to face the still winless University of Calgary Dinos for a women-on-women hockey battle. As was expected, brawn reigned over brains once again. Our top ranked… Continue reading Hockeysaurs sore after pair of losses [Red Deer Edition]

Spun: Tea Party

Here’s a new CD for those of you who like The Tea Party! This band writes like The Tea Party, rocks like The Tea Party and has the same trademark sexy vocals as Tea Party frontman Jeff Martin. Oh wait, it is The Tea Party! Basically, if you liked their past work, you will most… Continue reading Spun: Tea Party

Spun: R.E.M.

Star-crossed lovers are finally reunited. Terminal cancer patients find their miracle cure. The rag-tag band of misfits pull together and win the big game. Then the camera pulls back, screen goes black, and a song comes in on the rolling credits. It’s slow, it’s pretty and the lyrics are kind of sad, but sung with… Continue reading Spun: R.E.M.

Spun: Tom Waits

1973: The year Tom Waits released his first album. Since then, the common thread through his albums has been the piano, whether his early barroom crooning or his post-1983 freaky blues work about apocalyptic carnivals. On every album, Waits plays at least some piano. But on his latest release, Real Gone, he doesn’t touch a… Continue reading Spun: Tom Waits