Bad ‘geer rep

By Sincerely appalled

Editor, the Gauntlet: As a few of us 4th year Chemical Engineering students sat reading Amit Gulab Deshwar’s candidate description and platform, we were all disgusted by his comments. It is attitudes like this that portray the engineering population as sexist, arrogant, and ignorant; a portrayal that is blatantly false. We are ashamed to be… Continue reading Bad ‘geer rep

Tribunal upholds Haskayne levy decision

By Diana Lyuber

A rogue student levy had the Students’ Legislative Council seeking the authority to eliminate illegitimate fees before a Tribunal on Wed., Feb. 16. The matter had already been through the Review Board, but their decision not to grant authority left the SLC unsatisfied and appealing to the Students’ Union Tribunal. The Haskayne Student levy, coughed… Continue reading Tribunal upholds Haskayne levy decision

Students question campaign emails

By Dale Miller

A Review Board hearing may be on the horizon for a couple of Students’ Union General Election candidates following student complaints about campaign emailing. According to Chief Returning Officer Tom O’Neill, Operations and Finance Commissioner candidate Andrew Lahey and Presidential candidate Fadi Guirgis have been warned about their alleged spamming of students by using email… Continue reading Students question campaign emails

Private dental hygiene school to test in Calgary

By Steve Coyne

The Canadian Institute of Dental Hygiene Inc. will be testing applicants in Calgary for admission to the Hamilton school in November 2005. “Admission testing outside of our Hamilton school is new for the CIDH,” said Carlo Gorni, CIDH Director of Admissions. “In our past intake, between one third and one half of our students came… Continue reading Private dental hygiene school to test in Calgary

New Director for New University Television

By Darlene Seto

Much of the population at the University of Calgary is likely unaware that the seemingly vacant area behind the bank machines in MacEwan Student Centre houses U of C’s television station, NUTV. Doubtless, even fewer aware that a new executive director has been appointed to NUTV following the resignation of Kevin Allen. Michelle Wong, newly… Continue reading New Director for New University Television

Unions: hold the cuts

By Bryn Levy

The University of Calgary Faculty Association’s President Anton Colijn called for a delay in the implementation of the U of C’s five per cent budget cuts in a strongly-worded open letter to U of C President Harvey Weingarten on Feb. 9, 2005. “Please stop the lunacy!” wrote Colijn. “We ask that the administration and the Board of Governors… Continue reading Unions: hold the cuts

Lost jobs and better food?

By Dale Miller

Will you taste the difference? After May 1, students at the University of Calgary may see new food choices, thanks to the outsourcing of Campus Food Services to the international food services corporation Chartwells. The decision to enter into negotiations with Chartwells was made by the U of C Board of Governors. This decision could… Continue reading Lost jobs and better food?


By Darlene Seto

Update Tuesday March 8, 2005.Campus Security is reporting the body of Michael Lewis was found in the Bow River on Monday March 7. Link to Campus Security.Friday, February 4th. It seemed like a typical evening for University of Calgary master’s student Michael Charles Lewis. He attended a conference related to his studies in Political Science,… Continue reading MISSING