Enviro-friends get honoured with an Emerald

By Sara Hanson

The University of Calgary’s Solar Team was one of the 14 recipients recognized for their environmentally friendly achievements at the 16th annual Emerald Awards on Wed., Jun. 6. The awards—given out by the Alberta Emerald Foundation­—honoured individuals and organizations that made outstanding commitments to the preservation, protection, enhancement or sustainability of the environment. Alberta Emerald… Continue reading Enviro-friends get honoured with an Emerald

Ultra-science is ultra-cool

By Amanda Hu

Science experts travelled to Calgary for a meeting of minds, atoms and lasers at the 38th annual meeting of the Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics of the American Physical Society Jun. 5-9. The conference, hosted in conjunction with the University of Calgary and Division of Atomic and Molecular Physics and Photonic Interactions, attracted… Continue reading Ultra-science is ultra-cool

Editorial: Transit users caught in the crossfire

By Chris Tait

Summer: a time of good weather, greater temperatures and lesser clothing, activity both social and physical, and students staring out office windows in envy despite the relative affluence it seems to bring. The rising temperatures and lengthening days, however, bring shortened tempers, reflected recently as strike talks bloomed in Alberta over the past month. From… Continue reading Editorial: Transit users caught in the crossfire

Stelmach’s judgement day

By Evan Wolley

Ralph Klein’s old seat is up for grabs in the Tue., Jun. 12 provincial by-election. The Calgary Elbow riding was created in 1971 and has been held by the Conservatives since its creation, boasting only two representatives. Former deputy premier David Russell held the seat from 1971-1989, and former premier Ralph Klein held the seat… Continue reading Stelmach’s judgement day

Robots in disguise?

By Katy Anderson

Human machines! In an increasingly advanced world, high-level sport is becoming more and more dependant on technology. The University of Calgary hosted the International Association on Computer Science in Sport conference June 3-6. The conference hosted guests from 23 different countries and included discussion on everything from biomechanics to how to integrate tech-ware such as… Continue reading Robots in disguise?

Moneeeeey…the Students’ Union allocates their stash

By Sara Hanson

There is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow–at least when that rainbow is in MacEwan Student Centre. The 2007/08 budget for the University of Calgary’s 65th Students’ Union passed its first reading during the Students’ Legislative Council Tue., Jun. 5, with a predicted net revenue of $637. SU vice-president operations… Continue reading Moneeeeey…the Students’ Union allocates their stash