U of A prof pressured to resign over grades

By Kaye Coholan

A University of Alberta professor who was reportedly asked to resign after he spoke out against his department for lowering student grades has hired legal representation in what looks like an ongoing battle. U of A math and statistics tenured professor Mikhail Kovalyov clashed with the school last semester after he sent out e-mails to… Continue reading U of A prof pressured to resign over grades

CJSW Profile: The AM Mixtape

By Andy Williams

Marc Affeld and Hayley Muir take to the CJSW airwaves at seven every Tuesday morning to provide listeners with a dose of their unique personalities. Their show, AM Mixtape, is an eclectic concoction of anything from mo-town to electronica. Gauntlet: What’s the overarching theme of the show? Hayley Muir: I could do three hours of… Continue reading CJSW Profile: The AM Mixtape

Cianfrance’s second feature is truly Blue

By Andy Williams

Ryan Gosling’s breakout role came with the release of the extremely popular, but rather sappy film, The Notebook. Gosling starred next to Rachel McAdams in what is now considered an archetype for cathartic emotional romantic dramas. In the time since, it seems Gosling has been distancing himself from that role. Half Nelson and Lars and… Continue reading Cianfrance’s second feature is truly Blue

Broken Social Scene

By Myke Atkinson

People bandy about the term supergroup a lot, but it lacks a concrete definition. If you subscribe to the belief that it’s a band composed of people from other bands, then by definition virtually every band is a supergroup of some kind. If you modify that definition with the caveat that members’ individual efforts must… Continue reading Broken Social Scene

Prominent vagrant accepts donation from down-on-his-luck billionaire

By Brent Constantin

Eminent member of the hobo community Emmett “Chinstrap” McGillicutty announced today his gracious acceptance of $3.55 and a partially eaten ham sandwich from a relatively unknown donor. “I’ve always believed in giving back to the community,” McGillicutty said to the assembled reporters during his weekly public address. “I didn’t know much about this young man… Continue reading Prominent vagrant accepts donation from down-on-his-luck billionaire

Blind racist not colourblind to race

By Brent Constantin

Thirty-seven-year-old University of Calgary student Peter Willington hasn’t let his disabling blindness stand in the way of his dream of being a horrible bigot. Born without sight in either eye, Willington has defied all odds to achieve the rank of vile and hateful supremacist to everyone he hears, smells or touches. “It wasn’t easy getting… Continue reading Blind racist not colourblind to race

Spun: The Liptonians

By Josh Rose

From the depths of a Winnipeg basement come the Liptonians and their new album Let’s All March Back Into The Sea. Tagged as ‘pop-rock’ back in 2008, their live show paved the way for several cross-country tours. Now with a new album out, they remain true to their roots while improving their songwriting, arrangement and… Continue reading Spun: The Liptonians

Spun: Jay Crocker

By Tristan Taylor

Jay Crocker is not just a multi-instrumentalist. On his latest release, Co-Stars, he has expanded his credits to include production. The 10-track album is avant-garde, to say the least. From the opening track “Super Disease,” we get to hear his invigorating experimentation at its best. Reminiscent of the Turtles with distortion, the song boldy declares… Continue reading Spun: Jay Crocker

Spun: Vampire Weekend

By Andy Williams

Though Contra didn’t quite live up to the standard set by Vampire Weekend’s breakout self-titled debut, it was remarkably successful in its own right. Riding this wave of success, the band has now released a series of live recordings under an iTunes Sessions label. The iTunes Sessions are composed of both tweaked versions of Vampire… Continue reading Spun: Vampire Weekend