Review: BBC’s Sherlock

By Melanie Bethune

The second episode of the third season of BBC’s Sherlock, which aired on North American networks last Sunday, Jan. 26, is billed by many as a love letter to John Watson. “The Sign of Three” explores the relationship between the two leads and is expertly framed as Sherlock’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) best man speech to Watson… Continue reading Review: BBC’s Sherlock

Screen Time: One murder mystery too many on TV

By Sean Sullivan

What is it about murder mystery shows that fascinates us as an audience? Is it the reminder of our own mortality? The look into humanity’s dark nature? Is it the self-affirming knowledge that something bad has happened to someone else? Murder mysteries and police procedurals have experienced a dedicated fan base over the decades. Shows… Continue reading Screen Time: One murder mystery too many on TV

Film review: I, Frankenstein

By Sean Sullivan

Following the events of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the movie I, Frankenstein begins with Frankenstein’s monster carrying the frozen corpse of Victor Frankenstein back to his home and burying him. The funeral is the unintended metaphor for Shelley’s gothic novel: the story is dead, the movie has buried it alongside its namesake. What follows is a… Continue reading Film review: I, Frankenstein

9 ways women are getting it all wrong

By Elizabeth Scott

It should come as no surprise that women consistently find themselves under incredibly harsh scrutiny. Advertisements bombard women with criticism, telling them the things men hate and things they should change about themselves in order to be considered desirable. After seeing this pressure put on women, one group of men decided that they had had… Continue reading 9 ways women are getting it all wrong