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Campus Security changes email alert language

By Alexander Kim

Campus Security has added a statement to security alerts to emphasize that victims of sexual assault are not responsible for the actions of their attackers. The statement begins with “a victim of a crime is not responsible for a perpetrator’s actions.” Consent Awareness and Sexual Education club (CASE) president Emily Leedham said past security alerts… Continue reading Campus Security changes email alert language

U of C professor studies the 21st century workplace

By Alexander Kim

Research from University of Calgary assistant professor and psychologist Thomas O’Neill suggests that while more businesses have employees working from home, some of them have more trouble adjusting to the new workplace than others. O’Neill — who calls the trend remote working — identified personality traits that predict job satisfaction, perceptions of performance and the… Continue reading U of C professor studies the 21st century workplace

Dino puts dream on hold

By Erin Shumlich

After a tough road getting there, running back Matt Walter is ecstatic with the recent CFL draft results that give him a bright future to look forward to. Unlike five peers who were drafted beside him, he decided to defer his play in the pros after long deliberation. Last Wednesday he announced to the Calgary… Continue reading Dino puts dream on hold

2006 NHL Preview

By Ryan Pike

With a salary cap and greater equality between franchises, NHL previews are only going to get harder and harder to produce. Though there will always be three to four teams in each conference that are locks to make the playoffs, and three to four teams that are locks to miss them, the rest of the… Continue reading 2006 NHL Preview

Book Review: Get yer head crushed

By Jon Roe

Though the Berlin wall fell almost two decades ago, the effects of the Cold War are still felt in Eastern European countries who have yet to make serious strides towards matching their western counterparts’ economies. Straight out of Eastern Europe, Headcrusher puts readers in the perspective of Vadim, a Latvian bank worker who, disgusted with… Continue reading Book Review: Get yer head crushed

NHL Preview: The East

By Lawrence Bailey

1. Ottawa Senators There is no team in the National Hockey League with the top-to-bottom talent of the Senators. They boast a pair of Norris-caliber defensemen with Wade Redden and Zdeno Chara, a trio of forwards capable of finishing in the top 10 in league scoring with Daniel Alfredsson, Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza, and… Continue reading NHL Preview: The East

Requiem for a History major

By Rob Engen

It would seem that every time the university decides to play musical chairs with its budget, it’s the department of History that gets left standing in the cold. While the Psychologists get shiny new driving simulators, the Lawyers get those plush recliner chairs and free cigars after classes, and the Kinesiologists get dates, crestfallen fledgling… Continue reading Requiem for a History major