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Spreading too wide

By Ira Wells

Jordan Petty: How would you define “urban sprawl?”Dr. Byron Miller: That’s a tough question. There are lots of different definitions out there, without much agreement on any one in particular. I would define it in terms of [an area] that is low density and automobile-oriented–automobile oriented above all else. In other words, development is planned… Continue reading Spreading too wide

Now Playing

By Ira Wells

Do movies affect our perceptions of reality? University of Calgary students Ira Wells and Jordan Petty spoke with Dr. Malek Khouri, a Communications and Culture professor and the U of C’s Film Studies Coordinator, about their thoughts on sexuality, war and the profit motive in Hollywood.Ira Wells: Pierre Trudeau once said that the state has… Continue reading Now Playing

Good gates make good neighbours

By Jordan Petty

Ever feel locked out? University of Calgary students Ira Wells and Jordan Petty sat down with English professor Dr. Harry Vandervlist to discuss the phenomenon of gated communities. Aside from teaching poetry and critical theory for the English department, Vandervlist recently taught a course exploring urban spaces in contemporary English literature.Wells: There are now 20,000… Continue reading Good gates make good neighbours

New VP Academic

By Вen Li

Without much fanfare, Students’ Union Academic Commissioner and fourth-year Political Science student Jayna Gilchrist became the new Vice-President Academic. The Students’ Academic Assembly–empowered last week by the Student’s Legislative Council to fill the vacancy left by former VP Academic Rosie Nagra–voted 12-0 in favor of electing Gilchrist, the only candidate, on Mon., Jan. 20. Gilchrist… Continue reading New VP Academic

Differential tuition plebiscite

By Вen Li

Students may get to voice their views about differential tuition in 2003 if a proposed plebiscite question to that effect is approved by the Students’ Legislative Council. Students’ Union Vice-President Academic Rosie Nagra brought the discussion item to Students’ Academic Assembly and SLC meetings on Mon., Dec. 2 and Tue., Dec. 3, respectively.“By coordinating with… Continue reading Differential tuition plebiscite

Jack’s Mannequin fixes up, sounds sharp

By Jordan Clermont

Jack’s Mannequin’s most recent album took two tries to get right. Lead singer-songwriter and pianist Andrew McMahon says that there are two ways to look at the recording process for People and Things, released earlier this month: “Either I made a record and scrapped it, or I just made really good demos.” Feeling that the… Continue reading Jack’s Mannequin fixes up, sounds sharp