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Fresh start for students with marginal grades

By Katie Hobday

At most universities, if students’ marks are too low, they’re required to withdraw and it leaves them with no other alternatives to pursue further education. However, the University of Alberta is now offering a special program to help students who find themselves in a similar situation.The Fresh Start program, now in its second year, gives… Continue reading Fresh start for students with marginal grades

Anti-plagiarism service sparks fight

By James Keller

After refusing to hand in his assignments through an online service meant to detect plagiarism, a McGill University student’s story is raising questions about electronic anti-plagiarism initiatives. In December, McGill concluded a two-term trial of anti-plagiarism service Turnitin.com which involved 1,400 students. The site is a California-based, for-profit service that collects assignments on behalf of… Continue reading Anti-plagiarism service sparks fight

Is CASA worth students’ money?

By Natalie Sit

The Students’ Union is again debating whether or not to stay with a federal lobby group. "I had a campaign promise to review our lobby groups, especially the federal one," said SU Vice-President External Lauren Batiuk. During the Tue., Jan. 20 Student Legislative Council meeting, SU VP Operations and Finance Gavin Preston said he believed… Continue reading Is CASA worth students’ money?

Aware of academics

By Veronika Janik

Do you ever find yourself in class daydreaming about all the magnificent resources the University of Calgary has to offer? No? Perhaps you simply aren’t aware of the various services that exist on campus. This is where Academic Festivus comes into play. Previously known as Academic Awareness Week, the event brings assorted clubs and academic… Continue reading Aware of academics

No standard appeal in faculties

By Lyndsey Vandament

Appeals exist at the University of Calgary to ensure fairness in university decisions. However, some critics have called the system unfair. “It is generally understood that with the same extenuating circumstance it is easier to win your appeal in the arts and science faculties, for instance, than in engineering,” explained Students’ Union Student Rights Advisor… Continue reading No standard appeal in faculties

Lower student legal levy?

By Ben Hoffman

In light of two new Student Legal Assistance clinics in Banff and Red Deer, the Students’ Union is looking to reduce the levy SLA receives from students.At Students’ Legislative Council on Tue., Dec. 2, the SU began discussing a referendum question to decrease the SLA levy. The question is about whether funding needs to be… Continue reading Lower student legal levy?

Blended learning: wave of the future?

By Tara Tiangha

Walk into any oversized lecture section and observe the large number of students passively listening to their prof. To remedy such a scene, alternative teaching approaches are being explored which would require students to take a more active role in their own education. One such approach is “blended learning.” “What we’re doing is exploring ways… Continue reading Blended learning: wave of the future?

Election Fraud?

By Natalie Sit

Newly elected Academic Commissioners Kassim Amery and Birju Dattani’s campaigns violated six election bylaws during the Students’ Union by-election according to an SU vice-president. Phrases like “campaigns hijacked democracy,” “poor moral character,” and “bylaws were violated with impunity” described two unidentified candidates’ campaigns in the SU Chief Returning Officer’s by-election report to the Students’ Legislative… Continue reading Election Fraud?

U of C ranked 14th

By Natalie Sit

Maclean’s magazine has ranked the University of Calgary fourteenth for the second year in a row, however some see a rise in the future. U of C Vice-President External Roman Cooney said the university is not satisfied. “We have to improve and we’re going to challenge Maclean’s to have weighting that’s more fair to students,”… Continue reading U of C ranked 14th

SU changes tactics

By James Keller

With less than one month until the University of Calgary Board of Governors is expected to raise tuition, a visible shift can be seen in how the Students’ Union is putting up a fight.Unlike previous years, with protests, tent cities and other student-focused activities, the SU is opting to focus on the local community and… Continue reading SU changes tactics