It’s a trap!

By Ben Hoffman

emulate (v): To strive to equal or excel; To vie with. emulation (n): The act of emulating. Formally defined, computer emulation is the usage of software to make one computer act like another. Informally, emulation is a godsend to old-school gamers looking to realize their nostalgia. As the video game world developed, it abandoned many… Continue reading It’s a trap!

Dance puppets

By Chris Tait

rom the same people who brought us Sony and animated porn, a new abomination has arisen, a daemon so foul its name alone brings shudders to many. Dance Dance Revolution proves once and for all that there really is an East-West cultural front. For the fortunate uninitiated few, DDR is one of those Japanese “life… Continue reading Dance puppets

Sports games

By Garth Paulson

Sports games are to video games what senseless summer sequels are to Hollywood–cash cows. It’s true video games are also supported by seemingly endless sequels (Megaman) but sports games have a special status; they are sequels before they hit the shelf. Anyone who is the least bit interested in buying a sports game will already… Continue reading Sports games

Playing with yourself

By Chris Tait

Some games are just more fun playing with others. Every gamer on the planet can agree that all videogames can be separated into two categories: single player and multiplayer. Multiplayer is a trend covering every corner of the gaming universe, from two players alternating on Super Mario Bros. to blowing another player away from halfway… Continue reading Playing with yourself

Digital Games and Violence: are games really that bad?

By Nils Kolson

In the 1980s the U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop made the following comments to the Western Psychiatric Institution and Clinic about digital games and the nature of young players. “Children… are into the games body and soul–everything is zapping the enemy. Children get to a point where they see another child being molested by… Continue reading Digital Games and Violence: are games really that bad?