How to influence, inform and interpret

There are a lot of people on campus who don’t seem to understand the rights and responsibilities of media.In recent letters, readers accused the Gauntlet of being untrue to journalistic integrity by giving students information on which to base their votes. One letter accused the paper of being similar to an "Internet billboard" because we… Continue reading How to influence, inform and interpret

Porco and team get the vote

Student representatives may soon have voting rights on the General Faculties Council (GFC), the academic policy body of the University of Calgary. Specifically, this means faculty representatives who sit on the Student Academic Assembly (SAA), the Vice-president Academic and President of the Students’ Union. This was the result of a year-long initiative by incoming VP… Continue reading Porco and team get the vote

Vigilance over the digital landscape

Everybody has heard of the threat “hackers” and “crackers” pose to people using the Internet. Those who use the Internet to conduct business are aware their credit card numbers or personal e-mail may be intercepted by net-savvy crooks bent on disrupting trade or stealing from bank accounts. Security companies spend millions of dollars broadcasting this… Continue reading Vigilance over the digital landscape

Varsity twister?

After a controversial 17-hour meeting on March 28, the Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union New Sport Accreditation Council announced the certification of Twister as a varsity sport. The decision to accredit the popular Milton Bradley game instantly resonated throughout the country as 165 universities and colleges–including the University of Calgary–announced their intent to participate in the… Continue reading Varsity twister?

Fall recap

You didn’t think we’d let the fall teams off without grading them, did you? The football, field hockey, cross country and soccer teams can’t get off that easy. Let’s start with the football team. Coach Fasano’s troops had a 6-2 season and dominated the Canada West conference during regular season play. An early playoff exit… Continue reading Fall recap

Lovin’ it

Talent: B- The Dinos men’s team was in way-over-its-head this year. There were a few bright spots over the course of the year, with Darren Clarke and the men’s relay team winning a little hardware at the National Championships. The women’s side was definitely the stronger of the two teams. With standout performers like Amy… Continue reading Lovin’ it

Earning the respect

Talent: A The swimmers draw from the deep end of the talent pool, with athletes like Megan Kinsella–who just earned a full swimming scholarship in Florida–and Olympian Rick Say. On the men’s side of the lane rope, many of the swimmers had varsity experience coming into the season; the women, however, were almost all first-year… Continue reading Earning the respect