Got back problems?

By Dale Miller

Describing lower back pain and identifying its cause can be a long and fruitless task to patients and doctors alike. Dr. Greg Kawchuk, along with his research team of two University of Calgary undergraduate Kinesiology students–Sean Osis and Laura Glowicki–have developed a soft tissue indenter to measure and catalogue the soft tissue stiffness in patient’s… Continue reading Got back problems?

An abortion of democracy?

By Dale Miller

All six Calgary West federal election candidates faced off peacefully in front of 250 spectators at the University of Calgary on Wed., June 16. Staying true to the venue, the major discussion topic was post secondary education.Candidates fielded questions from both the gallery and a panel made up of Students’ Union President Bryan West, Graduate… Continue reading An abortion of democracy?

Communist speaks out

By Salima Stanley-Bhanji

As the third oldest political party in Canada with its origins dating to the 1920s, the Communist Party of Canada is about 600 members strong and includes Canada’s youngest election candidate, Anna-Celestrya Carr in the Winnipeg Centre riding. The party’s campaign slogan urges Canadians to “Put people before profits!”Miguel Figueroa, leader of the Communist Party… Continue reading Communist speaks out

More trials and tribulations for CJSW’s relocation

By Chris Beauchamp

Despite the current cramped and poorly ventilated CJSW office space being one of the driving issues during the 1995 Students’ Union referendum decision to expand MacEwan Student Center, it appears CJSW will have to continue waiting for their new space. The major issue slowing the project revolves around the inability of the SU to sign… Continue reading More trials and tribulations for CJSW’s relocation

¡Bomba! ready to blow up

By Jesse Keith

¡Bomba! may have formed in Edmonton, but its roots spread across the world, with members from Chile, Brazil, Cuba, and Edmonton, ¡Bomba! melds Latin and Canadian styles for a uniquely Albertan take on Latin music. Branching across salsa, songo, rumba, funk and jazz, ¡Bomba! throws a little bit of everything into the mix. Mario Allende,… Continue reading ¡Bomba! ready to blow up


By Garth Paulson

Most artists are lucky to manage only one work that’s considered important. For many, the artistic life is a continuous struggle to create something able to transcend time and place. Something which exists independently of trends and stylistic preferences. The majority of artists settle for a brief hiccup in the tapestry of humanity. Then there… Continue reading Me’Shell

Ivana jazz

By Stephanie Schewchuk

Seldom is an artist as expressive, talented, and real as Ivana Santilli. Coinciding with her appearance at the TD Canada Trust Jazz Festival in Calgary, the Canadian with French and Italian roots will soon release her sophomore album, Corduroy Boogie. "I’ve learned a lot since it [Brown] was released," she says. "I’ve dug a lot… Continue reading Ivana jazz

Caleixco erases borders with music

By Garth Paulson

Joey Burns is a modern day renaissance man. Not only does he front Calexico he has also spent time as a member of Giant Sand, Friends of Dean Martinez, and OP8. Aside from these projects he has also contributed to records by Richard Bunker, Jon Rauhouse, Victoria Williams, Shannon Wright and Canadian alt-country sweetheart Neko… Continue reading Caleixco erases borders with music