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Letter: Innocence questioned

By Richard Campbell

[Re: “Innocence of Mohammad,” October 4, 2012]
 The article “Innocence of Mohammad” implies that a 15-minute YouTube movie trailer represents some kind of large-scale attack on Islam. I fail to see how a low-budget, obscure movie represents anything other than a case of bizarre expression. The article’s express reference to slavery and insidious reference regarding… Continue reading Letter: Innocence questioned

Events commission candidates sing

By Veronika Janik

The race for the events commission was on as four out of 11 candidates ran head to head, taking positions on a number of matters. Moderated by current Students’ Union Vice-President Events Richard “Krafty” Bergen, the forum on Thu., Feb. 5, didn’t generate an abundance of viewers.First to speak was Barski’s Cabinet candidate Gable Gross… Continue reading Events commission candidates sing