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Students’ Union Election SWAT

It’s that time of year. The posters have gone up, the baby kissing has started, and the police have been dispatched to deal with myriad reports of pedophilia. That’s right, it’s election time. In the spirit of the Students’ Union elections, the Gauntlet’s Academic Probation section has gathered together the four most judgemental people at… Continue reading Students’ Union Election SWAT

Insulting and disrespectuful

By China Marsh

Editor, the Gauntlet,[Re: “Dastardly dreadful Dubnyk drags down drama,” Theater Review, December 1, 2005] As a former student of the U of C drama department, I recently had the extreme pleasure of taking in the drama department’s newest production The Libertine. I also had the extreme displeasure of reading the Gauntlet’s review of this production,… Continue reading Insulting and disrespectuful

Book Review: Walk down the right alley…

By Ben Hoffman

The late ’80s marked the maturation of comic books, an age of dark brilliance led by writers like Alan Moore (Watchmen) and Frank Miller (Batman: Dark Knight Returns). It was also the time Miller unveiled his most promising project yet: Sin City. Sin City’s release offered readers a look into a caliginous parallel universe where… Continue reading Book Review: Walk down the right alley…

Dinos win fifth-straight Hardy Cup

By Taylor McKee

Success in Canadian Interuniversity Sport football is difficult to achieve once. It is truly special when a team can repeat success over a number of seasons. A football program is an administrative and athletic ballet of developing, recruiting and organizing a vast multitude of athletes. With a 38–14 victory over the University of Regina Rams… Continue reading Dinos win fifth-straight Hardy Cup

The last supper

By Garth Paulson

Everyone knows that masturbation is pretty alright. Well, except for maybe a few Christians with exceptionally good vision, but it’s a pretty widely held fact within the rest of population. Thing is, it’s a little hard to unabashedly whack it in a room full of people, unless you’re a homeless exhibitionist. Then anything goes. I… Continue reading The last supper

Nerds and China

By Kyle Young

The latest twist in China’s long and sordid saga of human rights violations occurred today when President Jiang Zemin turned the tables on the Western powers, accusing several nations – Canada among them – of systematically repressing a widely practiced and accepted religious belief system, that of the Jedi."Ever since Star Wars first emerged, it… Continue reading Nerds and China