Crossing worth seeing

By Andrew Ross

“Crossing back and forth, between the two-dimensional format and three-dimensional forms in space. Crossing in and out, between illusionary and actual depth,” reads the artist’s statement. Crossing–currently at the University of Calgary’s Mezzanine Gallery–is Julie Chapdelaine’s personal exploration of forms in space. The series of six reliefs represents seven years of work on Chapdelaine’s part,… Continue reading Crossing worth seeing

Bruce Almighty

By Andrew Ross

When I first saw the trailer for Bruce Almighty, I thought, “This one could really go either way. It could be really funny or really lame.” Luckily, it is the former and not the latter. Despite a predictable plot, generic religious undertones and cliché moral lessons (actions have consequences, money and power can’t buy happiness,… Continue reading Bruce Almighty

SU seeks tuition guidance from students

By Вen Li

The Students’ Union is building a policy on what tuition should pay for, in light of growing concerns about tuition increases. "We really don’t have a policy saying what tuition should and should not pay for," said SU Vice-President Operations and Finance Gavin Preston. "Some would argue that it should only pay for access to… Continue reading SU seeks tuition guidance from students

I’ll write a headline later


We might be closer to understanding why we procrastinate, according to a U of C professor. A meta-analysis conducted by Dr. Piers Steel of 700 publications in psychology, economics, philosophy and sociology, as well as historical records indicates that procrastination is common and natural. "We procrastinate because we are built-right in the root of our… Continue reading I’ll write a headline later

New computer security course


Starting this fall, the U of C’s Department of Computer Science will help train students to fight on the digital frontier. Computer Viruses and Malware, a new course offered by Dr. John Aycock, hopes to combine study of legal and ethical issues with computer security to give students a view from the malicious software developer’s… Continue reading New computer security course

Students receive research money


Sixty U of C students will share in $1 million worth of Summer Studentship awards from the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, allowing the students to participate in summer research at Alberta universities. The awards are intended to encourage university and exceptional high-school students to consider careers in health research. A total of 183… Continue reading Students receive research money


By Falice Chin

Think Tank, Blur’s seventh album, sounds like it should be much harder to appreciate. Analog synths bubble and churn, wah pedals manipulate and vocals deteriorate into sounds vaguely reminiscent of the Butthole Surfers’ “Annoying Song.” It sounds like an experiment, and experiments are supposed to be challenging and frustrating. To a point, this is true.… Continue reading Blur


By Lawrence Bailey

I sat, listening to this middle-of-the-road, unoriginal, but passable release from Detroit-based Dwele convinced that every hook on the album was on a Much Down Lo commercial. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was right. This is as straight up, run-of-the-mill Rïœ|B as you get–not that there’s anything wrong with that. There are no truly… Continue reading Dwele


By Peter Hemminger

the band has ever been. Tracks like “Pebbles and Marbles” and “46 Days” provide typical Phish style, random yet melodic, but Round Room noticeably lacks any remnants of their upbeat early albums. Fans of “Phee” and “The Car Song” may be disappointed with the quieter sounds on Round Room, but devoted listeners will appreciate tracks… Continue reading Phish