Redevelopment and expansion to be finished

By Natalie Sit

June 17’s Students’ Legislative Council meeting marked the beginning of redevelopment and expansion in MacEwan Students’ Centre–possibly for the last time. Passing their first readings were a $230,000 expenditure to complete redevelopment and expansion of MSC and a $40,250 for a point of sale system. Students’ Union Vice-President Operations and Finance Gavin Preston wants to… Continue reading Redevelopment and expansion to be finished


By Peter Hemminger

Forget the pretentious song titles like “Thoughts weigh heavy…don’t get drowned in the weight of it all.” Ignore cliche lyrics like “Screw you and die, I hope you burn… die die die die.” Pretend the start-stop rhythms and quiet-loud dynamics are new and exciting. Do it because this is emo, and emo means all of… Continue reading .moneen.


By Becky van Bussel

Saybia is an emo-ish rock act from Denmark. They sing many lovely songs about loving girls who either don’t, shouldn’t or won’t love them back and this problem seems to tear them up on nearly every track. The frontman of the group, Soren Huss, provides his band with vocals that sound incredibly similar to Coldplay’s… Continue reading Saybia


By Myke Atkinson

On my ride home from work today, I noticed the guy beside me pull Radiohead’s new CD, Hail to the Thief, from his bag, about to pop it in to his discman. Being a chatty guy, I asked him what he thought of it. He said he loved it, and thought it was one of… Continue reading Radiohead

Suicidal Scots

By Jeff Kubik

Everyone deals with grief in his or her own way. Some people cry, others simply block it out, and still others leave the corpse on the floor for days, steal the deceased’s manuscript and vacation in Spain. To each their own. When we first meet Morvern Callar (Samantha Morton), she is lying on the floor… Continue reading Suicidal Scots


By James Keller

Take six kids from all facets of American life, and from all corners of the United States. Six bright young minds, determined and focused, from every rung of the economic and social ladder. Find six likable kids, who you will empathize with and who, if you were ever to meet them in real life, you… Continue reading O-u-t-s-t-a-n-d-i-n-g

Yarr, staying afloat!

By Andrew Ross

Since you’re reading this, odds are you already have some first-hand experience with student debt. If that is the case, you may want to keep reading. Sarah Deveau, a surprisingly well-educated product of this university, as well as a former Gauntleteer, knows a thing or two about student debt. Her new book, Sink or Swim:… Continue reading Yarr, staying afloat!